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Competition in Direct Sales

Working Your Business

competition in direct salesEvery company out there has it’s competitors.

In Direct Sales you have several competitors to consider:

1. Other Companies that Offer Similar Products
2. Retail Stores that Offer Similar Products
3. Other Sales Representatives in Your Own Company

The question is how do you build a customer base that wants to work with you?

How do you distinguish yourself as someone your customers should be loyal to?

Here are ten ideas to get you started:

1. Know your product – what makes your better/unique? Point those things out to your potential clients.

2. Take the time to learn and know your presentation. People are busy – they want to come and learn or at least feel like they are listening to someone that knows the subject at hand.

3. It’s ok to use a flipchart, but remember that a flipchart (or cards) are simply to jog your memory – you shouldn’t stand up there and read to them for 20 minutes.

4. Keep your “show” brief – you will lose your audience if you feel you have to tell them EVERYTHING about each product your company carries.

5. Showcase your special offers and hostess specials, share your guarantee.

6. Keep the steps your hostess must take easy and carefree – simply refreshments, email the guest list – relax and enjoy the evening with friends.

7. Make it FUN – remember your guests gave up and evening to come and see what you have to offer – make your event a true EVENT!

8. Offer a newsletter to keep your products and YOUR name in front of them at minimum once a month.

9. Do fun things like Top Hostess for the Quarter, Largest Order for the Quarter, or Highest Show of the Quarter and reward them with something. Everyone likes to win something. Announce the winners in your newsletter – it will encourage customers to sign on to your newsletter.

10. Be consistent and professional – people do talk and if you do a good pre/during/post show – people will want to introduce your product to their friends.

There are several more ways you can build your business to success despite your competition – these ideas will help get you on the road to great success.

The winners in this competition? Your customers – they get the best products from the best representative, and you too are a winner because you are on the road to building a great business.


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