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Characteristics to be Great at Sales

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Direct Sales WomanI’ve often been asked how to spot a good salesperson – someone that will excel in customer service and the sale of whatever product it is your company promotes. I do NOT think everyone can do sales – there are some characteristics you simply must have. Now, some you can develop as you grow – but there are some that you need to have right from the start. Are you meant for sales – let’s see:

1. You really like the product that the company stands for.

2. You are self-disciplined – and will keep focused over the long term.

3. You love people – all kinds of people.

4. You can handle a “no” without feeling like you are a failure.

5. You love to be challenged to find new ways of presenting things.

6. You like to listen to people.

7. You can deal with finding the clients, creating the sale, ordering and delivery. You are the beginning middle and end of every sale.

8. You want to constantly be in a learning frame of mind – staying on top of new products and ideas.

9. You communicate well.

10. You can make goals for yourself and work to make them happen.

If you are considering sales and you feel you have at least half of these traits – you should give sales a try. Many of these can be learned if you are willing to be taught and are committed to making some changes in yourself.

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