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Where To Find New Leads

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women networkingWhen you are in Direct Sales, you should constantly be looking to make new connections. New connections lead to new shows/events and potential new team members as well. Of course it’s great to make the most of your shows/events and find your newest leads there, however, you should also always be looking for ways to create new lines in your business. Here are some ideas:

1. Join a networking group locally. There are many types of groups across the country – the Chamber of Commerce is a great place to start.

2. Wear your product, or a t-shirt, carry a purse that displays your catalog – and be sure to have business cards with you at all times.

3. Find vendor events in your area – these don’t have to be big, expensive events. I have found the small local events can be very lucrative as well. Work your table when you do these. If you sit behind the table and read a book all day – it will be a total waste of your time.

4. Advertise online on sites that cater to your market.

5. Advertise locally – place an ad in your local paper. Please be sure the ad is sincere and not a con!

6. Ask former happy clients to share your business card with 5-10 other people. Mark the cards in some way and tell them when you get just three sales or bookings from people they have shared your card with – they get a product from you at 50% off – or some other perk.

7. Always ask for referrals at your events – and offer a perk like above.

8. Can your product be used for a fundraiser. Spring is the time to begin approaching schools/bands/athletic groups for next year – they have fundraisers planned well in advance. Send a packet with what you can offer them and be sure to follow up.

You should constantly be looking for ways to get the word out about your business. Be prepared and watch your business grow.

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  1. Great advise!! Thank you :) I’m new in direct sales and reading this article really made my wheels turn. I just joined with Rodan + Fields and i couldn’t be happier!!

    Thank you,

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