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Finding Leads in for Direct Sales

This is often the most difficult task in a brand new business venture.  Of course you can always start with your friends and family and they will introduce you to new people and those people will introduce even more people to you and your product.  However, let’s say that you have already worked through your family and friends and being new, you were still figuring out how to bring up the booking talk at your shows and now you have a totally blank date book.  Or, you just moved to a new area and while your family supports you, they live 1000 miles away and it wouldn’t be feasible for  
you to start your business with them right now.  It could be any number of reasons you find yourself without leads to get yourself booked up and making money. 

First, let’s talk about how you approach strangers – strangers are just friends that you haven’t met yet.  You must get that into your head now.  What is the worst that could happen if you approach someone about your business?  Well, they MIGHT say NO... OK – so what!!   The first thing you must learn in direct sales is that when someone says no, they aren’t saying no
because they don’t like you or your hair is the wrong color, they are saying no to whatever you are offering them – that’s all –


 nothing more, nothing less.     Think back, how many times have you had a telemarketer call and you told them no – was it because you didn’t like them as a person?  Did you even know them?  Absolutely not – we say no because we aren’t interested in whatever they are offering.  Have you ever offered someone a piece of gum or a drink?  Did they ever turn you down?  Do you think that was because they didn’t like you?  Well, maybe…  I’m kidding!   NO.  They just simply didn’t want whatever it was you were offering at that time.  


Here’s another thought –

It’s a one word answer.  The word is “NO”.  Some people really have a tough time accepting the fact that they are going to hear the word No fairly often.  They get discouraged and feel rejected because they look at the word NO as a negative.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The word NO simply means “NOTHING CHANGED.”

Let’s say you ask your neighbor to be a hostess, she says NO – what changed?  Is she still your neighbor?  Yes.  Did your income go up or down?  NO.  Nothing changed.  It can’t be a negative; to be negative, things would have had to get worse and they didn’t.  Everything remained exactly the same.

On the other hand, suppose she had said YES.  Now, there are some positive changes.  She receives your hostess gifts.  You gain several more customers, potential hostesses and consultants, and you earn more money, all positive!

You can see by this example that there are no negatives in our business.  There are only positives and times when nothing changes.  WOW!   Doesn’t that get you excited to go out there and see what changes you can make?  Because the results in the end will only be positive!  It’s all in how you look at something.

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