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Selling Tips for Direct Sales


I won’t kid you; today people are so very busy – it’s really hard to get them to all come together in one place at one time.  So we as salespeople have to get a little creative.  Here are some suggestions to incorporate into your business so that you not only have shows happening, but you are creating other areas of opportunity for yourself.  Today, more than ever before we can truly double-book ourselves and create a wonderful income by doing so. 

Shows – This is your first priority, you want to book yourself up solid.  Remembering that only half will hold as scheduled.  That’s ok though, because you are going to have several other options. 

To make your classes even more fun, you can theme them by month.  For example, in January, you could offer a New Home, New Look, New You, New Hobby type of show and celebrate the New Year in style! 


There are also silly shows, such as “Dress Up a Banana” – each guest must bring a banana dressed up in some way.  The most exotic banana wins a prize.  The hostess serves banana splits for her treat at the end of the show.  Another example is “Pretty PJ’s Show” – everyone has to bring one of their PJ’s in a brown bag – at some point during the show, you will pull out different PJ’s and everyone must guess who’s they are.  It can be hilarious to see everyone’s reactions.  The person who guesses the most right gets a pair of slippers or some other silly prize.  Get creative and have fun.  The more fun you create at your shows the more people will book and the more success you will have running your business full circle.  


Fun Packs – This is simply creating a fun way for those that can’t or won’t hold a traditional show to still reap the benefits of your hostess plan.  Don’t offer these until you are sure she can’t hold an in-person show.   On a large envelope glue a paper on it with lines numbered 1 – 20 – fill the envelope with a couple catalogs, specials you are offering, order forms and your business cards.  On the paper you placed on the front put down that for every $20 they order before tax and shipping, they can enter their name on one line.  Once all the lines are filled, one number will be drawn and the person on that line will receive _________.  You fill in the blank.  Remember, make it special!  Those that purchase will push the hostess to get all 20 lines filled in plus, when all the lines are filled, you have a $400 show and you weren’t even there!!!  All the hostess has to do is get all 20 lines filled. 


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