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Customer ServiceTips for Direct Sales

Customer Service Tips~

When you are in business for yourself, it is your responsibility to service your customers full circle.  Always remember they are the lifeline to success in your business.  How you treat your customers will reflect greatly on your success.  Master your customer service skills because they will always have that sign on them saying “Make Me Feel Important.”

Customer service begins with a schedule:  It’s important that when you begin your business that you make a decision on how

often you will service your customers and stick to it! Depending on your particular product it twice a year, once a quarter, once a month – decide and stick with it long term.

Offer your customers more than one way to reach you:  You will definitely want to order business cards right away if you haven’t already.  This is the perfect way for your customers to keep your information on file.  Include your e-mail address, your cell number, your office number, your fax number, your voice-mail number and web address.


The website is the best way for them to reach you so really push that site address with them.  Customers also tend to order more when they go out to a site and see all you have to offer and what’s new. 

Every customer should be on a mailing list:  Create a newsletter and send it out to them.  It doesn’t have to be fancy – just keep them up to date on what’s going on with your business.  If your company offers a mailing direct from them – DO IT!  Nothing is more professional that what your company can produce for you. 


Follow up is ALWAYS the key:  Customers who have purchased products from you but have not been followed up within a 6 month time period will feel free to purchase elsewhere. 

Set up a delivery schedule:  If you have a consumable product, you will have reorders as time goes on – when your customers call you with an order offer them at least 2 different delivery times – if that won’t work, offer to drop it in the mail.  Run your business; don’t let your customers orders run you!  Choose in advance when your delivery days are – they will respect that.

Offer a Birthday Club:  Send hand written birthday cards to each of your customers the first week of their birthday month.  Offer them a discount for the entire month or offer to stop by with a special gift for them.  When you call them be sure you wish them a Happy Birthday, and let them know you have a special gift for them – ask when would be a good time to stop over. 


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