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Stealing Hearts

You need all the heart cards and all the diamond cards from a regular deck of cards.   You also need 2 or 3 small gifts. 

To start you explain to all the guests that you want them to ask questions about your job with [company] and you want them to be as nosey as they'd like!  For each question asked, a guest will get a heart card from the deck of cards -- the more cards, the more chances they will have to win a prize afterwards!!!  There are 13 heart cards in the deck so it will mean 13 questions being asked about (company).    Explain that after all the heart cards have been handed out, you will then call out cards at random!  You will then use the diamond cards from the deck, shuffled up, pick one at random and call out loud but replace "diamond" with


"heart".  So if you pick the 5 of diamonds you will say "5 of hearts".  The person with the first card called gets to pick 1 of the 2 or 3 gifts BUT you must tell her not to get too attached to it!  Then you call the next card and the person with that card gets to pick a remaining gift OR STEAL the gift from the first person!!!!!   You keep calling cards and guests keep stealing the gifts from each other until you've used all the diamond cards (all 13) then the people left holding the 2 or 3 gifts after all the cards have been called are the winners and keep the gifts!

At the end of the game I explain the other reason the game is called "Stealing Hearts" is because the career opportunity with [company] has stolen my heart!!!!   As silly as that may sound, it's true!   I am so happy to share this awesome opportunity with everyone I meet!



Your Hostess!

Before everyone gets there, ask your hostess the questions listed below and tell her that it will be part of a game for her guests. When everyone is there, pass them out a paper with the questions on it and tell them that whoever "knows the hostess the best" will win a prize. Read each question out loud and always give the guests 3 choices to each question. It can be anything - some examples are given.

1. What perfume scent do you think is _______'s favorite?
  a. Journey

  b. Elige
  c. Belara

2. What items do you think she will choose in her Shopping Spree?
  a. Color Cosmetics

  b. Vitamins
  c. Spa Products

3. When I asked her which of these benefits of being a [company] Consultant she would like best, which do you think she chose?
  a. Earning over $1000 a month working only 6 hours a week
  b. Free Car

  c. Prizes (diamond pins, rings, cash and many more!)

4. What color family do you think she prefers?

  a.  Cool
  b. Warm
  c. Neutral

5. Before today's Show, I asked her who she thought might book Shows helping her receive her awesome Hostess Credit (Describe your hostess credit!). Who did she choose?
  a. Mary
  b. Susan
  c. Betty

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