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Balloon Game

As guests arrive they get the balloon. As I hand it to them I say, “this is yours for the evening. After all, what's a party without balloons and presents? Hang on to it and don't trade it away. You may be holding the special balloon.... it's yours!" If she asks any questions re: what's inside...  just smile! When I open the show I casually remind them to hang onto their balloons and we will get to them later in the show...

For the entire evening the women "own" the balloons and the gift inside. You will see them shaking the balloon and see the curiosity in her eyes. When doing the door prize slip and I get to #3 I say.... "Ok, ladies. You all have your balloons, and by now you have figured out that there is a special gift inside from me!


If you decide to book a show this evening the gift is yours and you may pop your balloon to discover what you have won, otherwise you must return the balloon to me. If three of you pop your balloon then the hostess gets to pop hers as well."

The wording here is key! There is not a person in that room who is not dying to know what her prize is... and not a single one who is thrilled to give you HER balloon back. And your hostess will also want to pop hers to see what HER MYSTERY prize is, so she will work to get others to pop theirs. They must bring their balloon to me with their order and pop the balloon with me.

It works!

Inside the balloons are various things; % off that night’s order, free hand lotion, free body lotion, free pick from your special basket... you decide how much you are willing to spend to "buy" a show... and then select items from catalog using that figure as a base.



"Free" Game

Supplies needed: 2 or more decks of cards or tickets and your imagination.

Tell all guests at the beginning of your show that whenever you say the word "Free", the first person who yells out "I want it", will get a card (give them the card face down, no peeking. If they peek, they must give the cards to the Hostess). At the end of the demo whoever has the most points wins. 2-10 are worth face value; K,Q,J's are worth 25 and Aces are worth 50 points, you can use jokers if you like and give them any value you want.

Now to play: Make sure you mention the word "free" as many times as possible throughout your flip chart or program talk as well as product demonstration.


Use phrases such as: You will receive $100 in FREE; this item is good for that "free" spot; when you have "free" time, wouldn't you like this for "free". I love to trick them, also. If they see on your flipchart the word free and they are ready to jump the gun, I will purposely substitute the words "at no cost" instead to get them going.

If you can't tell who said it first? Give a card to anyone who said it. If there are quiet people at your party who refuse to speak up, then have one or two rounds where those who don't say "I want it" win a card.

This game is great to keep the group’s complete and utmost attention. They hang on your every word to spring out of their seats! 

At the end they count up their cards and award a prize to the guests that have the highest and lowest totals or they are entered into the drawing.

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