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Name and Number Game

As people come to your event, put their name on one side of an index card, and a number on the other side.  As the guests walk around with their name showing (on the index card that is taped to their shirt), they have to try to introduce themselves to as many people as they can.  After a bit of mingling, tell everyone to turn over his or her name tags, so that the number on each card is showing rather than the name. Now give everyone a numbered piece of paper, and see who can fill in the most names next to the corresponding number.   The guest that guesses the most wins a prize!


The Right Family

Have a gift wrapped up ready to pass, as you read the following story tell the guests they must pass the gift in the proper direction each time you say left or right.  Whoever is holding it at the end, gets to keep the prize. 

The RIGHT family had just finished dinner. "I'm going to look for a job," said Mother RIGHT. "There is no money LEFT in the savings account and with school clothes and Christmas RIGHT around the corner; I don't know how we'll manage." “A job?" asked Sue RIGHT. "But who will pick

me up after school and drive me to soccer and boy scouts?" Billy RIGHT asked Mother RIGHT as he LEFT the kitchen. Mother RIGHT said to Father RIGHT, "I'll find something part-time that I can work RIGHT around the kids’ busy schedules."

The hall telephone rang and Father RIGHT LEFT to answer it. He rushed back into the kitchen and told Mother RIGHT that it was Aunt Mary RIGHT on the phone wanting to let her know she has just LEFT an interview and was coming RIGHT over to tell her about it.

Aunt Mary RIGHT arrived and Mother RIGHT LEFT the dishes in the sink to join her in the living room, "I've just joined (your company)" said Aunt Mary RIGHT as she handed Mother RIGHT, (your company) catalogs. "You know how you love to cook & decorate for the holidays," said Aunt Mary RIGHT. "As a (your company)


Consultant, I not only book and demonstrate at classes, but I also build a team of other consultants to sell our merchandise. You could earn at least (your amount) in free merchandise if you host a class," Aunt Mary RIGHT said. "I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know of anyone who might like to earn some extra money too. It's a fun, flexible job that can be worked RIGHT around the busiest schedules," said Aunt Mary RIGHT as she LEFT to rush home to call a few friends about the opportunities she had to offer!

Sue RIGHT, Billy RIGHT and Father RIGHT were looking at the catalogs LEFT by Aunt Mary RIGHT and Mother RIGHT was reading about becoming a consultant. The RIGHT family was very impressed and interested in the (your company) opportunity!

The entire RIGHT family went to bed that night thinking about (your company) and Aunt Mary RIGHT.  Billy RIGHT thought about the toys he had seen in the catalog, Sue RIGHT thought about the great hostess gift specials, Father RIGHT thought about the money and Mother RIGHT thought about the great prizes she could earn as a consultant. She had LEFT the catalogs on the table near the phone so she could call Aunt Mary RIGHT in the morning with some questions.

This is all that's LEFT of our story, except we hope that you do the RIGHT thing and book a party or become a consultant...isn't that RIGHT?

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