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Give guests a piece of paper and have them finish these Clichés. Whoever gets the most right wins a prize.

One good turn (deserves another)
Practice makes (perfect)
Silence is (golden)
Seeing is (believing)
Think before you (speak)
Variety is the (spice of life)
Easy come (easy go)
While there is life (there is hope)
We are never to old (to learn)
Live and (let live)
Leave well enough (alone)
A new broom (sweeps clean)
Love is (blind)
Might makes (right)


Gamblers, Spenders, Savers

Give each of the guests a nickel. Tell them to use their imagination and imagine that it’s $50. Let them know that they can gamble their nickel with your "special basket", spend their nickel on their order or save it for a rainy day! If they decide to gamble their nickel, they trade it in for something in your basket.

If they choose a product with a happy face sticker on the bottom, they will book a show to help out their hostess and have lots of fun themselves. If they choose a product with half a happy face sticker on the bottom, they will have no shipping on their order. If there is no sticker on the bottom they get to keep the product, and if they book, they get a second choice!

Note: If you use 10 products, use happy face stickers on 5, half happy face stickers on 3 and no stickers on 2. Also - you can have a listing of your next available dates in the following three weeks for them to choose from and book them close!


Toilet Paper Game #2

Have the hostess call all the guests 2 days before the party and tell them to bring some toilet paper - never mind how much!! This reminds party guests about the party, and also makes them curious over why they are bringing toilet paper! You will need to bring a plastic bag, preferably a large clear one.

Then, award points as follows:

Brought 10 sheets or less - 10 pts.
Brought more than 10 sheets, but not a roll - 20 pts.
Brought a roll - 30 pts.
Individually wrapped roll - 25 pts.
Brought a 4-pack - 50 pts.
Paper has: 1 ply - 15 pts. 2 ply - 30 pts. 3 ply - 45 pts.
White paper - 50 pts.
Colored paper - 25 pts.
Designs or printed - 35 pts.
Brought on sale w/coupon - 20 pts.


Quilted - 50 pts.
Store/generic brand - 15 pts.
Name brand - 50 pts.
If forgot to bring & borrowed some at party - SUBTRACT 30 pts.
If hang the roll to paper rolls: Over - 25 pts. Under - 50 pts.
At this point, pull out a plastic bag - offer 100 points if they will give you their TP.

After you collect it all - offer 150 points to those who kept theirs.

Person with most points gets a prize - and give the bag of TP you just collected as an additional gag gift!!

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