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Recruiting New Consultants

Type up descriptions of whatever merchandise you have in your kit. You can use descriptions right from your catalog or embellish them a bit.   Cut the descriptions into strips so you have one per strip. Also, do any specialty offers you have (i.e., Bonus Buys, Hostess Only Gifts, free merchandise for holding a party, recruiting information, etc.).

Either have each guest pick one as they enter the party or place each one next to the specific item it names and have the guests come to your display and pick an item and card/prop.

You may want to coach each person a bit if you like, i.e. show them the item and talk about it a bit.   After the introductions,


have each guest "demo" their item. This is good if you'd rather not demonstrate your line that night (maybe you aren't feeling well?) or to see which guests in attendance might make good Consultants (aren't shy...have a great personality, etc.).  

Have them vote who did the best and the winner gets a prize.

Which Watch Part?

What we extend to our friends (Hand)
Seen at the circus (Ring or Band)
Something used before (Second Hand)
Given at the 15th wedding anniversary (Crystal)
Caesar, Mark Anthony, Brutes (Roman Characters)
Places where water bubbles up (Spring)
Something read by the secretary (Minutes)
Something a pretty woman is proud of (Face)


Supports a flower (Stem)
Opposite of front (Back)
Something a lawyer tries (Case)
A book in the Bible (Numbers)

Are You Listening?

Change this game a little if you have repeat guests.  Talk about yourself, your name, husband/boyfriend's name, the names of your children, how long you have been married, how long you've been selling for the company you represent, my $$$ in sales last year, trips you've been on, etc. Do all this talking while passing out the books, papers, and just casually walking around.

When you finish with the big speech, ask them to take out the sheet of paper you've given them, then say, "OK… #1 what is my husband's name?" I get a lot of, "OH…I wasn't listening". You can bet that they will listen this time!! This is a great recruiting


game. It shows them that even though everyone is "busy", they can do this wonderful job, too!

Ticket Game

Give away tickets for different things at the party; the person who arrives first; someone who brings a guest, etc.   You can decide what you want to "reward" them for. When the demonstration begins, pass out order forms. I have them complete the top portion of the form for a drawing later. Then during my presentation, ask them to write down the name of five friends, and the first person finished gets a ticket. Do the same with neighbors, relatives, co-workers, etc.

At the end of the show, the person with the most tickets wins a prize. The guests think they've played a neat game, but what they've really done is fill out their guest list. When you ask them to book a party and they say no, ask them what they plan to do with their guest list. Can the guest next to her have it to use at her show? OF COURSE NOT! They usually will reconsider when they realize the hard part of making a list of "who to invite" is already done!

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